Meet The Team


Hassan Ahmed, Ph. D.

Chairman & Co-founder

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Hassan Ahmed, Ph.D., is the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Sway AI.

Hassan is a successful serial entrepreneur. Dr. Ahmed most recently served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Affirmed Networks, which was acquired by Microsoft in April 2020. Before founding Affirmed Networks in 2010, he was a senior advisor at Charles River Ventures. From 1998 to 2008, Dr. Ahmed served as Chairman and CEO of Sonus Networks. Prior to that time, he served in various executive roles at Ascend Communications, Cascade Communications and Analog Devices.  Dr. Ahmed previously served as Associate Professor of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering and Associate Professor of Finance at Boston University. He also serves as a Director of Ciena.

Dr. Ahmed holds a BSEE and MSAE from Carleton University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.


Amir Atai, Ph. D.

CEO & Co-founder

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Amir Atai, Ph. D.,  is the CEO and

Co-founder of Sway AI.


Amir is an entrepreneur and innovator. He has been an executive member of three successful and market changing startups: Telica (acquired by Nokia), Affirmed Networks (acquired by Microsoft),  and Parallel Wireless. Amir is passionate about improving customers' performance and effectiveness by questioning the status-quo assumptions, bringing together and leading an expert team of diverse backgrounds toward innovative and needle-moving solutions. Amir also has executive experience working for large companies. He was Chief Scientist at Bellcore and later at Alcatel/Nokia. He was also CTO at Ericsson, where he led the first nationwide LTE network rollout in the world. Amir is an expert in complex modeling techniques, math, and statistics, where he has developed cutting-edge modeling tools. 

He  holds a BS and MS from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Computer and Electrical Engineering 


Jitender Arora

Chief Product Officer

& Co-founder 

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Jitender Arora is the Chief Product 

Officer and Co-founder of Sway AI.


Jitender is an entrepreneur and product leader with over 20 years of experience in building large scale B2B and B2C products. Prior to co-founding Sway AI, he successfully led the product management of Amazon Alexa AI/ML Platform. He had founded Korrent Corporation, a disruptive Connected Health business. He was engineering and product leader at Acme Packet since nearly the company’s inception, he built and launched multiple market leading products, Oracle acquired Acme Packet for $2.1B. He also held senior roles at Oracle and Parallel Wireless. He has 18 US patents pending and issued.


Jitender holds a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Delhi Institute of Technology and a MBA from Boston University.


Vivek Kulkarni, CPA, MBA


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Vivek has a comprehensive background leading the cross-functional teams to ensure success and achieve goals toward improving the enterprise value in pre, or post revenue start-up and mid-size high technology companies.  He brings his extensive experience in building the financial and business infrastructure from grounds up and seamlessly executing compliance matters.  At Sway AI, Vivek is responsible for the oversight of all financial activities, payroll, human resources including benefits administration, contract reviews, audit, tax, technical accounting matters, and liaison with third party service providers. 


Mike Piecuch

Software Architect

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Mike has been a team leader, developer and innovator in the software engineering industry for over 20 years. He has a passion for test-driven development, clean code and data-driven design. Mike is a full stack developer and expert in automation and cloud architecture. He has played a critical role with these technologies at BitSight and Nuage Networks. Previously, he was technical leader at innovative companies including Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle), 128 Technology (acquired by Juniper) and Cisco Systems. He was instrumental in creating brand new product offerings from conception to customer delivery. His creativeness and drive for innovation have been awarded with multiple patents.

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Aman Nigam

Software Developer

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Aman Nigam is a Software Developer at Sway AI. Aman has experience in high quality Software Development. He has developed production deployed projects utilizing various web and mobile technologies. He has a lot of interest in developing scalable and responsive applications with keen eye on customer requirements. He loves to collaborate with fellow developers including open source community on complex tasks and is always on the lookout for ways to innovate in the AI/ML space to provide better experience. Aman holds a MS in Information Systems from Northeastern University, Boston.


Jaya Aravind

Director - Technology

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Jaya has over 20 years of experience in building high performing teams and developing software solutions for various industries. She has a passion for using technology to solve meaningful problems and she has architected many systems and components in both backend and front end. Jaya brings many years of expertise in technical leadership, building teams, software architecture for cloud-native systems to this role. Prior to this, Jaya was a senior engineering manager in EBSCO and Oracle, architect and technical lead in companies including Acme Packet and Ciena Corporation. Jaya is a certified AWS Solution Architect and holds a bachelors in Computer Science and  Engineering


Ruisi Su

Applied Data Scientist

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Ruisi is an Applied Data Scientist at Sway AI. She has experience building machine learning models for various domains, such as Network Security, Circuit Topology, Machine Translation, and Language Modeling. She is interested in the research of Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science, and she is eager to learn and advance the cutting-edge machine learning approaches. In addition, she has experience in designing and implementing data visualization using various technologies. With a multi-disciplinary background, she loves collaborating with others in different domains. 


She holds a MS from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Sarah Akbar

Software Developer

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Sarah is a software development engineer at Sway AI. She is a full stack developer with experience building and maintaining microservices for the cloud as well as building applications for various AI/ML use cases. Sarah values collaboration and strives to gain skills in multidisciplinary domains. She is passionate about using technology to change people’s lives and better the world. 


Sarah holds a BS in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 


Aarushi Wadhwa

Machine Learning Data Engineer

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Aarushi is a Machine Learning Data Engineer at Sway AI. She has experience in software and data science and works at the intersection of the two fields to create products that enable AI through a variety of disciplines. Aarushi has years of experience in building out software pipelines for data integration at large scale enterprises and is well versed in tackling data problems at scale. She is extremely interested in Computer Vision and Speech Recognition and finds herself particularly intrigued by human to machine translation and interaction. 

She holds a MS and BS from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as a BS in Engineering and Public Policy. 


Abdul Kanji

Applied Data Scientist

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Abdul is an Applied Data Scientist at Sway AI and has experience in AI software and model development. Being an open source and ML enthusiast, he has contributed to multiple Github repositories. He is interested in the field of fairness in Machine Learning and is passionate about making AI safer and fair to use in production. He loves rapid experimentation and collaboration with team members to bring ideas to life.


He holds an MS in Computer science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 


Harshil Dhariwal 

Senior Software Developer

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Harshil is a Senior Software Developer at Sway AI. He has expertise in full-stack software development and is a strong advocate of clean code and test-driven development practices. He has architected, designed, and developed many innovative products and applications. He has a passion for AI domains like ML, NLP, and Data Visualization. He is an active open-source contributor through Github and StackOverflow. He leverages all the available resources to make software development less complex and believes in contributing back to the community.


Harshil holds M.S. and B.E. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Indore Institute of Science and Technology.


Catherine Hansen

Director of Marketing 

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As the Director of Marketing, Catherine Hansen comes with a wealth of experience working across complex industries providing marketing, sales, and program management. She has worked for over a decade shaping brand messaging and marketing across multiple industries and brings her passion and her eye for design to Sway AI.

She believes that creativity is intelligence having fun, and has used that belief to develop innovative marketing and sales solutions for non-profits, start-ups and both large and small enterprises. She also comes to Sway AI with a strong technical background in due diligence and supply chain management which aligns to her passion for social equity. As a returned Peace Corp volunteer, Catherine has witnessed firsthand the importance of community and brings her international community development experience to Sway AI in order to create an open and collaborative eco-system of model developers for AI/ML. In addition to providing creative business solutions, Catherine is invested in the belief that AI/ML should benefit both the society and the environment. 

Catherine holds a BS in Business and Finance and a MS in Design and Merchandising as well as Sustainability.

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Jim O'Connell

DevOps Engineer

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Jim O'Connell has been a team leader and test automation expert in the data communications industry for over 20 years.  He has a passion for automation with experience in cloud-based solutions and monitoring. Prior to joining Sway AI, Jim was a technical leader at Starent Networks and Cisco Systems focusing on data mobility and cloud-based solutions.  He loves working in collaborative environments with multi-disciplinary teams and has a strong interest in AI and machine learning solutions including computer vision and renewable energy applications.


Jim holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and BS Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

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Sumit Kumar

Director of User Experience

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Sumit is a Director of User Experience at Sway AI. He is a leader in delivering “UX + Service Design” driven digital products within a wide array of B2C, B2B, and B2E industries including finance, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and technology. He thrives on unraveling complex business intricacies through research, high-quality design experiences, and building great cross-functional teams. He strives for success in product strategy, UX vision, and planning as well as advocating for UX, team-building, interaction design and user research.


Throughout his professional career Sumit held various UX/Product design roles and led diverse group of product teams at Oracle, GE, Infosys and, Zebra Technologies. Sumit holds a B.Sc degree in Computer Science from University of Kurukshetra, India and Professional Diploma in Software Technology and Systems Management from National Institute of Information and Technology (NIIT), India.


Mamoon Chowdry

Enterprise AI Solutions

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Mamoon is an experienced builder, leader, and inventor. He has developed and sold complex solutions to large enterprises over the last 25 years and is recognized as an experienced advisor to enterprises pursuing their AI and cloud adoption initiatives. 


He comes to Sway AI after being the Head of AI Knowledge and Evangelism at Scale AI. He helped build multiple channels of thought-leadership and community collaborations to accelerate the global adoption of AI. Before Scale AI, Mamoon spent seven years at Amazon Web Services (AWS), guiding large enterprises in their digital transformations and adoption of AI. He joined AWS from Openet (now Amdocs), where he fulfilled multiple technical and buisness-level roles, including conceiving, building, and selling the company's first managed services offering.


Mamoon holds a Masters of Telecommunications Engineering from the University of London and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Pedram Ataee

AI Architect

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Pedram is a seasoned AI leader who developed 3 industry-grade successful AI products in the past ten years: Thalmic Labs, Kepstrum, and ehsAI. He has invented a breakthrough AI model leading to 5 US patents acquired by Facebook Technologies LLC. The AI model was shipped on a wearable gadget to more than a hundred thousand users worldwide. Dr. Ataee authored a book titled “Artificial Intelligence: Unorthodox Lessons,” sharing his 10+ years of experience building AI products. He is also the creator of two open-source Python libraries (py2opt and sent2vec) used by the data science community. Dr. Ataee most recently serves as the Director of Product Development at Peak Capital Trading.

Dr. Ataee received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia.